Dimenticare III

Four Eyes

The collagraphs in the Mask series are inspired by an attraction to the artwork of indigenous cultures.  Ancient shards of pottery containing image fragments, cave drawings, petroglyphs and rock paintings all communicate to modern humans something about life in ancient times.  The series is an attempt to both acknowledge our ancestors and look forward to our descendants.

This type of collagraph is created by carving images into mat board with an etching needle.  The board is intaglio wiped (ink is wiped into the carved lines) with Charbonel etching ink and then printed onto paper through an etching press.  A process known as chine colle is employed at the time of printing whereby delicate papers are adhered to the final print in order to add color and texture.  These images are printed onto 11" x 15" acid free paper.

Thought Process III

Look at Me II

50 Minute Hour

Patricia Shaw Lima

fine art prints

Four Eyes II

Constraint of Circumstance II

Burn Negative Energy


Dimenticare II