Beyond Repair

Scratch the Surface

Baptism by Fire

‚ÄčThe prints in this series evolved from an interest in human forms of communication.  From the earliest markings on stone tablets, petroglyphs and cave drawings, through the most contemporary writings and picture making now taking place on social media, these images speak to the very human desire to communicate.  Body parts such as hands, eyes, mouths and ears are referenced to represent our attempts to be heard and to listen and understand.  The compact disc, ubiquitous at the end of the last century, is employed as a symbol of the era and the primitive drawings scratched into the disc are used as a connection to the ancient.

The prints in this series are created by using the compact disc as a drypoint plate onto which an image is scratched with an etching needle.  In addition, an image is painted onto a separate plastic plate and transferred onto paper to produce a monotype.  The drypoint is then intaglio inked (by wiping etching ink into the scratched lines) and printed onto the monotype.  Each image is printed in three to seven layers onto 15" x 11" acid free paper.

Cyber Face

Patricia Shaw Lima

fine art prints