Disassembled Grasshopper (front view)

20" x 20"

Disassembled Grasshopper (side view)

20" x 20"

Fragmented Hummingbird

20" x 20"

Disassembled Grasshopper

20" x 20"

Patricia Shaw Lima

fine art prints

The Other

30" x 22"


15" x 11"

The inspiration for the images in the Creatures and Insects series comes from my time in the garden which provides an endless array of intriguing shape and color combinations.  I am attempting to capture and project some of that allure by disassembling and recombining the natural forms to create fictional creatures and insects.

The prints are collagraphs created by carving into, and collaging material onto, four ply mat board.  Layers of acrylic medium are built up on the surface to allow an intaglio inking where oil based etching ink is wiped into the recessed lines and textures.  On some of the images, a process called chine colle is employed whereby thin papers are adhered to the support paper at the time of printing to add variation in the texture and color of the print surface.  Charbonel etching ink is used to ink the collagraphs and they are printed onto acid free Rives BFK paper.