Deconstructed Hard Drive Part III

21st Century Detritus Banner

53" x 18"

Deconstructed Hard Drive Part V

Patricia Shaw Lima

fine art prints

Circa 2012 Chapter II

21st Century Detritus Act 3

The collagraphs in this series are inspired by a preoccupation with the artwork of indigenous cultures.  We are intrigued by the amount of information which can be gleaned from the mark making of our forebears.  Like an archeological dig, the art of the past offers a glimpse of life long gone.

The series titled 21st Century Detritus is an attempt to imagine the fossils our generation will leave behind.  Items such as film strips, compact discs, birth control pill packets, a disassembled computer hard drive, paper clips, etc. are presented in a "fossilized" manner in order to evoke the remains that will be interpreted and puzzled over by our descendants.

These collagraph prints are created by carving images into and adhering objects onto mat board.  The textured surface and carved lines are then wiped with etching ink and printed onto dampened paper through an etching press.  Unless otherwise noted, the prints are on 30" x 22" acid free paper.